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Release Information


Catena-X Standards are the foundation for certifying any software component operating in the Catena-X data space. Those standards are the binding reference to obtain a valid certificate.

To make adopting the latest Catena-X standards easier, reference implementations are provided through the Elipse Tractus-X Project. Releases of these reference implementations happen four times a year using a calendar versioning scheme, and include the operating system consisting of core services, enablement services, and KITs.

Please check the Change Log for content, known knowns, and backward compatibility since the calendar versioning scheme readily shows the year and month of release.

Release information cycles chart

Release Cycle

Feature Definition (2 Weeks)

  • Feature discussions per product team (ongoing through the year)
  • Selection of features targeting for a given release
  • Feature readiness latest by alignment and planing meetings

Milestone: Enhancements Freeze (in week 2)

Feature Work (ca. 10 weeks)

  • Feature development and reviews (in sprints / iterations)
  • Unit and integration tests

Milestone: Feature / Code Freeze (in week 12)

Test & Bug Fixing (ca. 4 Weeks)

  • System and (E2E) acceptance tests
  • Bug fixing and testing (iterative)

Release Freeze (in week 16 )


  • Enhancement pass all relevant release gates
  • Release communication (e.g. update of change log / release notes)

Release (in week 20)

The next two Release Cycles in detail