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Eclipse Tractus-X

We support service and app provider in developing applications for the Catena-X ecosystem. Find documentation, APIs, SDKs and more.

About Eclipse Tractus-X

Background about Eclipse Tractus-X, license and legal information.


KIT means “Keep It Together” - Catena-X KITs aim to accelerate the development of Catena-X applications and services and contribute significantly to the rapid scaling of the Catena-X ecosystem.

There are the first three lighthouse KITs available. More and more KITs will come from different domains.

KITs are guided with three different views (adoption, develop and operation) but not every KIT will provide the same objectives. Some will be more focused on the adoption view with a vision & mission, semantic model .. and other KITs will have a different target-group like developers - so there will be more focus on the technical specification.