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Business Partner KIT

Unique business partner data sets for the whole data space.

Vision & Mission

Basis for the integration of value-adding services in the area of business partner data management.

The BusinessPartner Kit provides high-quality data records of business partners called golden record including a unique identifier and the business partner number (BPN). The BPN provides a standardized and unique identifier on legal entity, site and address level. The connected backend service removes duplicate data, adds missing information, and improves data quality from different data sources so-called sharing member.

  • Legal Entity Level (BPN L): Search for a legal entity and get the high-quality data set.
  • Site Level (BPN S): Get the site information of a legal entity. A legal entity can have one or more sites.
  • Address Level (BPN A): Each legal entity and site has an address to find the company.

The Kit provides a homogeneous semantic with an open data model, enables the access to high quality data and provides one access point to the business partner data sets.


One open data model Application and service providers reduce investments to integrate due to one data model / API specification and open interface. The pool API enables the integration and offering of value-added services and innovation based on high-quality master data.

Access to new market potentials Potential to scale customer group and access new market potentials via Catena-X marketplace and shared service network. The BP Kit enables an interoperable foundation for value-added services.

The unique identifier BPN is the unique number to identify and find partners in the Catena-X network. It will also provide high quality data sets from business partners, their legal unit, sites and addresses.

The industry’s largest golden record collection as a shared and cost-optimized service (quality tested by the biggest players).

Use Case

Status Quo Todays challenge for automotive companies

Most of today’s automotive companies have to invest a significant amount of resources to keep their individual partner master data updated and correct, since outdated or incorrect data records result in federal fines and wrong claims / billing processes. The industry spends a vast amount into an area that is non differentiating, regulated and executed redundantly across the partners.

For this, cutting individual company costs by offering the golden master data record as a shared service is the mission. And proactively reduce Business Partner risk via collaborative value-add services. More insights to the business partner data management use case here: Catena-X | Business Partner Use Case

This will become the industry’s largest golden record collection as a shared and cost-optimized service (quality tested by the biggest players).

OEMs and small-medium enterprises:

  • Reduce today’s individual investments in master data management
  • Re-allocate freed-up resources to differentiating / critical tasks
  • Time to value within 6 months, due to standard interfaces and mapping tools (e.g. SAP)
  • Increase data quality and use industry collective wisdom to act pro-actively (e.g. fraud alerts)

Solution Provider:

  • Reduce investments to integrate due to one Data Model and open interface.
  • The Kit enables the offering of value-add services and innovation based on golden record and collective wisdom.
  • Potential to scale customer group and access new market potentials via marketplace and shared service network.


The standards for release 3.2 will be published soon. Our relevant standards can be downloaded from the official Catena-X Standard Library:

  • Business Partner Number (Version 2.0.0)
  • Business Partner Pool API (Version 2.0.0)
  • Business Partner Gate API (Version 2.0.0)


This work is licensed under the CC-BY-4.0.

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