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Version: 23.12

EDC Extensions

The following extensions provide additional functionality to the core EDC. They are currently only available in Tractus-X EDC.

Business Partner Validation

This extension allows for validation of business partners within the access policy.

Control Plane EDR APIs

The goal of this extension is to simplify the process of retrieving data out of EDC. It returns EndpointDataReference object, hiding all the communication details for contract offers, contract negotiation, transfer process and retrieving the underlying data through the data-planes.

CX OAuth2

This extension enables OAuth2 authentication between EDC connectors, instead of the more complex authentication flow used by core EDC.

Data Encryption

The EDC encrypts sensitive information inside a token it sends to other applications (potentially cross-company). This extension implements the encryption of this data and should be used with secure keys and algorithms at all times.

Data Plane Selector

This control plane extension makes it possible to configure one or more data plane instances. During a transfer the control plane will look for an instance with matching capabilities to transfer data.

Hashicorp Vault

This extension allows for usage of Hashicorp Vault for secret storage. It is the default used in Tractus-X EDC.

PostrgreSQL Migration

While the core EDC is able to interact with PostgreSQL databases, it does not automate migrations between schema versions. This extension adds that functionality.

Transfer Process SFTP

This extension allows for the use of SFTP backends for the data plane (but is not included in the provided control- and data plane).