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We warmly welcome You to shape the automotive value chain of the next generation!

The global Tractus-X community consists of a broad range of users, contributors, and committers from various companies (and individual actors) in the automotive value chain. We sincerely invite anyone to participate who wants to shape our architecture, reference implementations KITs for our Catena-X data space.

Communication Rules

A pre-requisite for joining the Tractus-X communication channels is an Eclipse Foundation Account:

In addition, we encourage you to sign the Eclipse Contribution Agreement (ECA) to contribute to our Tractus-X project. For example, report and fix bugs or implement enhancements according to the Tractus-X roadmap.

  • For a first contact please use our Tractus-X mailing list to get in touch with our community or a specific product team you want to contribute.

  • For quick and informal syncs please use our Matrix Chat to align on easy topics, ask questions, share a link or a bite-size piece of information.

  • For product alignments please set up a meeting with a tool of your choice as a project manager. The preparation of meeting minutes is not required. Recurring formal meetings must be communicated via our Tractus-X mailing list. Ad hoc informal meetings may be organized without prior notice.

  • For cross-product alignments the Catena-X Association is currently preparing various committees to support the coordination of the open-source products and repositories. The goal of a committee is to discuss, define and create a common vision, roadmap, standards, architecture, KITs, etc.

Workflow from idea over feature proposal to PR


How to engage and contribute to a product

  1. Get familiar with the Tractus-X project and different products (e.g. website, source code, documentation)
  2. Get in contact with the product teams (e.g. mailing list, matrix chat). Ask as concrete as possible, that we can lead you to the responsible person. 
  3. Start with small contributions / PRs (e.g. bug fixes)
  4. Propose new features and ideas. Please align with product committers and roadmap via discussions or issues.

What else is needded to support and enable new contributions

  1. Quick response to mailing list, matrix chat, issues and PRs
    • Tractus-X mailing list subscription needed
    • Introduction of a Community Manager
  2. Keep the status of your features up to date
  3. Invite ( and be an active part ) to open team meetings


  • Further Repositories:
  • No more repositories

    The project provides core services for querying, adding, and changing business partner data in the Catena-X data space. Currently, BPDM consists of the Pool and Gate API.

      The project provides additional services to enable an IDSA-infrastructure within the Catena-X dataspace.

        The project provides an easy-to-use service which enables small and medium sized companies to provide their data in the Catena-X dataspace via an EDC (e.g., CSV-Upload).

        • Further Repositories:
        • No more repositories

          The project provides a service for ad-hoc data chains across n-tier values chains for different use cases based on the EDC.

            The project provides the entry point to the Catena-X data space for all participants such as registration and (technical) onboarding. Marketplaces enable solution providers to...

              The project provides methods and tooling to build semantic models (e.g., semantic hub). In addition, it provides standards and services to manage digital twins.

                The project provides a business application for tracking parts along the supply chain. A high level of transparency across the supplier network enables faster intervention bas...

                • Further Repositories:
                • No more repositories

                The project provides the pre-built control- and data-plane docker images and helm charts of the Eclipse Dataspace Connector Project.